RxCut® Plus Prescription Savings Card

rx prescription savings cardNational Free Rx Card is offering everyone FREE access to savings on prescription medications via RxCut® Plus; discounted up to 90% off the retail price. Anyone with or without prescription coverage can take this card to a participating pharmacy and receive immediate savings on medications.THIS IS NOT INSURANCE.

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How You Benefit

This is a simple unique way that benefits you whether you are uninsured or underinsured.

  • Free Access to savings Via over 54,000 pharmacies across the USA
  • Access to savings on brand or generic prescription medications- no restrictions
  • No enrollment required
  • Free online tools such as pharmacy search and medication pricing search

How It Works

1. Present your National Free Rx Card to a participating pharmacy.

2. Using the Bin # and Group #, the pharmacist will access your
     discount price.

If you have insurance and you are obtaining a generic:
Show your insurance card to the pharmacy and if your medication cost is more than $10 present this FREE card and ask, "What's my RxCut price?"

If you do not have prescription insurance:
Present this FREE card at the pharmacy for instant savings on every generic and brand prescriptions.THIS IS NOT INSURANCE.

Have Pets?
If your pet has a prescription valid at the pharmacy use this card, otherwise visit our mail order website.

The National Free Rx Card price on 21 of the 25 of our most frequently processed generic medications is less than an insurance co-pay of $10 or more. Today more than 210 million people receive drug benefits through their employer and pay a co-pay for a generic drug that is often higher than our discount card price.


Prescription Savings Examples

Label Name Type Qua. Retail Discounted Savings Savings
LAMOTRIGINE TAB 150MG Generic 30 $145.99 $12.45 $133.54 91.47%
CYCLOBENZAPR TAB 10MG Generic 30 $45.99 $7.97 $38.02 82.67%
FLUOXETINE CAP 20MG Generic 30 $37.99 $8.72 $29.27 77.04%
AMLODIPINE TAB 5MG Generic 30 $21.99 $8.52 $13.47 61.25%
ALPRAZOLAM TAB 0.25MG Generic 60 $17.99 $8.00 $9.99 55.53%
*These are actual transactions processed using our program in 2011.


Laboratory Savings Examples

Test Name Retail $ Discounted $
Comprehensive Wellness Panel $535.00 $97.00
General Health Panel $83.00 $45.00
Thyroid Panel w/TSH $174.00 45.00


Imaging Savings Examples

MRI Average Cost $1,890
RxCut® Plus Average MRI Cost $855
CT Average Cost $1,068
RxCut® Plus Average CT Cost $499

Savings Links

  • Find the lowest price for your medication
  • Save on laboratory screening tests
  • Save on imaging services
  • Save on prescriptions by ordering through the mail
  • Visit the full website for additional information and savings
  • Share your card or print one for your family, friends, co-workers and your community
  • Never expires
  • Works for all FDA approved prescription medications
  • Works for pet medications







did you know?

National Free Rx Card is accepted at these Pharmacies and more!

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • Shop Rite
  • Costco
  • Duane Reade
  • Krogers
  • Target
  • CVS
  • Rite Aid